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I have been lecturing at the Electrical Engineering Faculty, UTM since the year 2000. I taught various EE courses from basic to more advanced levels.  

I love all my subjects the same (seriously!), but I am particularly fond of the Adaptive & Self-Tuning Control course that I teach my Master students as it is very dynamic, full of real-life case studies and hands-on MATLAB simulation exercises that the students find very helpful in understanding the complex subject matter.  In fact, I have written a book - Introduction to Adaptive & Self-Tuning Control - soon to be published by UTM Press.  The  book is a suitable reference for readers who would like to be able to apply the adaptive control technique but want to avoid the laborious mathematics that most texts on adaptive control contain, without affecting the principles and the readers’ understandings of the topic.  Hope my students will enjoy it.

The following is the list of courses that I have taught.
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Instrumentation & Electrical Measruement (SEE2123) B.Eng (Year 2) 
Digital Electronics (SEE2013) B.Eng (Year 2) 
Control: Modelling & Simulation (SEE2113) B.Eng (Year 2) 
Modern Control System (SEE4113) B.Eng (Year 4) 
Electronics (SEE2222) B.Eng (Year 2) 
Instrumentation & Measurement (SEE1123) B.Eng (Year 1) 
Professional Engineering Practice (SEE4012) B.Eng (Year 4) 
Nonlinear & Robust Control System (MKEM 1783) M.Eng. 
Adaptive & Self-Tuning Control (MEM1732/MEM1733) M.Eng. 
Showing 9 items