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Student NameProject TitleLevel of Study
Student NameProject TitleLevel of Study
Siti Duranni Mohd Dom Arang Bilong Optimal Controller Design for a 2-Axle Railway Vehicle Suspension System Masters - Completed 
Ain Nazari Identification of a Railway Wheelset System Parameters Masters - Completed 
Nadia Azura Ahmad Azhar Development of a Software Package for Data Interpretation Masters - Completed 
Siti Nora Basir Closed-loop System Identification Based on Control Input & Noisy Output Data  Masters - Completed 
Ali Marzoughi Optimization of Automatic Controller Design Coefficient  Masters - Completed 
Tan Chee Wei Modeling & Control of an Engine Fuel Injection System Masters - Completed 
Efendi Awang Primary Suspension System Design for Railway Vehicles Transporting Sensitive Goods & Hazardous Materials Masters - Completed 
Yasir Amzad Ali Mohd Yaseen Development of a PLC-Based Gantry Robot Using Positioning Servo Drive Masters - Completed 
Mohd Isa Othman Adaptive PI Controller of a Spark Ignition Engine Masters - Completed 
Mohd Anwar Zawawi Active Suspension System Design for Railway Vehicles Transporting Sensitive Goods & Hazardous Materials Masters - Completed 
Mohd Hasan Naim Mohd Hussain Adaptive Active Thermal Control Masters - Completed 
Sayed Mohammad Attaran Air Conditioning Control System Using Adaptive Control Technique PhD - Completed 
Mohd Taufiq Muslim Small Engine Load Estimator for Fuel Injection System Using Two-Stage Neural Network PhD - Completed 
Norhazimi Hamzah Vehicle Stability Control PhD - Completed 
Nurulaqilla Khamis Crowd Modelling, Simulation and Control for Emergency Evacuation PhD 
Nurulaqilla Khamis Crowd Modeling & Analysis Based on Complex System Theory and Reinforcement Lerning Master (by Research) - Completed 
Ahmad Faiz Ab. Rahman Modeling & Optimization of Power Consumption Towards Energy Savings Master (by Research) - Completed 
Mohd Rahairi Rani Multi-objective Optimization of PhD controller Parameters using Genering Master (by Research) - Completed 
Ahmad Nor Alifa A Razap Simulation & Experimental Studies on Closed-loop System Identification Master (by Research) - Completed 
Fargham Sandhu Navigation System for Autonomous Vehicle PhD - Completed 
Vahid Behtaji Siahkal Mahalleh Crowd Psychological Modelling & Control PhD - Completed 
Farhad Navabifar Face Recognition System PhD - Completed 
Mohamad Fadzli Haniff Control of HVAC System for Optimized Power Consumption & Human Comfort PhD - Completed 
Showing 23 items