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Paper Review (selected)

        1)    On Parameter Estimation for Noisy Systems Using Bias-Compensated Least-Squares Method
               (For Proc. MJISAT 2007)

        2)    On a Synthesized Model of ABR System on the Basis of a Differential Equation and Its Characteristics
               (For Proc. MJISAT 2007)

        3)    Nonlinear Energy Control of a Cart-Inverted Pendulum
               (For Jurnal Elektrika)
        4)    Pitch Control System of Aircraft using Fuzzy Logic Controller
               (For Jurnal Teknologi D)

        5)    Performance Comparison Between LQR, MRAC and FLC Controller for a Ball and Beam Balancer System
               (For Jurnal Teknologi D)

        6)    Reduction of Fuzzy Rules by Using Hybridization with Clustering for Improving the Process Control
               (For Jurnal Elektrika)

        7)    Robust Adaptive Tracking Control of High-Speed Trains Considering Nonlinear Uncertain Resistance and 
               Traction/Braking Saturation
               (For 2011 American Control Conference )

        8)    Integrated Tilt With Active Lateral Secondary Suspension Control for High-Speed Railway Vehicles
               (For Journal of Mechatronics)

        9)    Function Minimisation in DNA Sequence Design Based on Binary Particle Swarm Optimization
               (For Jurnal Teknologi D - Special Issue in Instrumentation and Sensor Technology)