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 No.Sub-project Period & Work involved : 
 1.Statistical analysis of motor result signal and design of amplification circuit for an A.C motor.

> 14/06/2004 to 14/06/2004 (6months). 
> Funded by IRPA Vot 74162. 
 2.Development of the Technical Core Courses for the 5 Diploma in Electronic Engineering Programmes for Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA (KKTM) Beranang> 18/06/2007 to 30/06/2012 (60 months).
> Developing the syllabi for all the 13 core course 
   (total of 30 credits).
> Ensuring that they are in line with the standards 
   and requirements by MQA.
 3.Assisting KKTM Beranang in obtaining MQA Accreditation for all the Diploma Programmes offered

Successfully secured Full Accreditation for all the 5 Diplomas in Electronic Engineering Programmes

> 04/05/2007 to  31/12/2011 (54months).
> Preparing the accreditation document.
> Developing a QA system for KKTM Beranang
   continuous quality improvement.    
 4.Development of 2 Physics for Electronic Engineering Modules for the Diploma Programmes> 15/05/2008 to 15/05/2009 (12months).
> Developed 2 Physics Teaching Module,
   specially tailored for the electronic/electric
   engineering students.
> Designed laboratory experiments to
   complement the modules.
> Selection and purchase of laboratory
 5.QA Monitoring of Diploma Programmes> 04/05/2009 to 30/06/2012 (36months).
> Gave talks on how to prepare for MQA 
   accreditation audit/visit and monitored their
   preparation for the audit. 
> Trained the KKTMB staffs on how to use the QA
   system that we developed.

 6.Provide the "Measurement and Control Training for the Trainers" Programme for KKTM Beranang's Lecturers> 16/06/2009 to 10/07/2009 (3weeks).
> Trained the KKTMB's Control and
   Instrumentation lecturers.
> Prepared the Training for Trainers Module for
   this programmes.